Monday, August 27, 2012

Fall Mountain Biking in Moab Utah

First of all, know that the Moab Trail Mix is a diligent volunteer group. They forged 40 miles of new trail last year, including the Pipe Dream. What have they been up to in 2012?  Here is the report:

Klondike Bluff area:
Dino-Flow. 4.6 miles
UFO. 1.6 miles
EKG add on 1.5 miles
Agate Loops 2.6 miles
Jasper Loop & connectors 2.3 miles

Moab Brands:
O to 40 (extension on Circle O) 0.1 mile
Now working on Killer Bike 0.2 mile
Sidewinder 1.6 mi, and Maverick 0.4 mi, trails Scheduled for October

Gemini Bridges-Mag 7 area:
Getaway. 4.4 miles
7-Up. 9.4 miles (2.0 mi ST with 7.4 mi two-track)

Klonzo area:
8.5 miles projected to be built before Dec 30

And there have been new bike events this year.
In June there was the conclusion of the Telluride to Moab Stage Race.
Upcoming in September are the Enchilada Enduro (sold out downhill race) and the Furious3 stage race.
The 24 Hours of Moab has gained the support it required to go forward with the October 2012 event.

In addition, the Museum of Moab is celebrating Moab's Bike History. To kick it off, on October 6 2012 Coyote Shuttle and Magpie Adventure Cycling will have vans for the Moab local youth to go mountain bike up to the Brand  Trails. The International Mountain Bike Association (IMBA) has designated this day as Take a Kid (Mountain) Biking Day. The Museum has expanded on the idea, as kids on road bikes can go out with the Saturday Morning Road Cycling group. The road cyclists meet at Swanny Park. Later October 6, 2012, there is the 24 Minutes of Moab, the kid race put on by the 24 Hours of Moab, Registration is at 3:30 PM for a 4 PM race.

Then stay tuned as the celebration continues with the American League of Bicyclists' National Bike Month May 2013. Moab will have more biking activities planned by the Museum of Moab. For more information email