Thursday, January 7, 2010

Winter Moab Jaunt

Winter is dazzling in Moab.
Here are ski tracks headed from the Moab Brand Trails going underneath Hwy 191 toward the Gemini Bridges Trail.

Most winters skiing must be undertaken in the La Sal Mountains.

A little bit of heaven really.

Please wear adequate eye wear. Poles are recommended for hiking. The snow is not so deep, Deep enough. The walking is uneven. The poles aid balance and decidedly provide upper body exercise.

Was thrilled to see river activity at the Moab Boat Ramp too.

Remember Room Rates are lower in Moab in Winter. It would be a fine time to get out of your town, have a board conference or structure meeting in Moab.

All this snow and the roads have been clear for the Moab Area Travel Council, traveling to Salt Lake City, Denver and Las Vegas for conferences and exhibitions this winter. Travel.

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