Wednesday, September 29, 2010

October - November Events of Moab Utah 2010 - Event Planners Come to Perform your Site Inspections

As the autumn approaches, the full moon of Moab Utah appears to grow enormous. The light a reasonable companion for moonlight walks on trusted trails of sandstone in and around Moab. The autumn is perfect too for a site inspection of Moab's meeting and event spaces. In addition, there are a series of events, many are annual events occuring in the fall. Plan travel to see these events in action.

The Inaugral OuterBike brings the vendors of Las Vegas' InterBike to a selection of Moab's trailheads to enable consumers to test the 2011 models of mountain bikes. This is unprecedented in the United States. InterBike has appealed to the retail shop owners for years in distinguishing new models. Now Moab will bring additional brand awareness to the mountain bike industry, as consumers shall review the bikes in the days to come.

Tour south of Moab to the temporary city of mountain bike athletes who race the broken ground over 24 hours race of Moab by Granny Gear. It is astounding to experience the technical support and the organization of a support crews for teams, waste removal and Emergency Care for a remote desert location.

On a smaller scale the KTM Rally will ride motorcycles which are special in that these motorcycles are rugged for the designated off-highway terrain surrounding Moab, however, these bikes are also street legal, which make them a favorite for rides out of Moab.

For the artful side of Moab, the new plein air festival will provide workshops, as well as, rules for the painting competition side of the week. The festival precedes the official Art Walk of October 9th and will exhibit some of the canvases created from the festival at the Moab Arts And Recreation Center mid-town Moab. Later in the month, Moab has a literary Festival, affectionately known at the Confluence. The 2010 theme is water and authors Debra Frasier, Jack Loeffler, Craig Childs, and William DuBuy.

Rifle Deer Season opens in October. That's why the Canyonlands Half Marathon organizers hold The Other Half on a Sunday in October. The cool autumn air is perfect for this particularly challenging half marathon along the Colorado River on the Scenic Byway 128 of Moab.

The threshold of November arrives with the Chili Peper HO-DOWN mountain bike festival. Super Downhill races test the strong contenders. Other riders are encouraged to bring their trick bikes for demonstrations at a day event of Pumpkin Chuckin, a fun day of slings, trebuchets, catapults competing for distance with a far flung pumpkin. There are vendors and activities located at yet another remote venue of Moab.

Endurance Equestrian riding is well designated out past Moab's famous Monitor and Merrimac buttes north of Moab. Participants riding this western terrain is every bit nostalgic of great western tales of the Robber's Roost gang, Butch Cassidy and renditions of western history that had even been captured by the famous John Wayne films known to be shot here about.

An Adventure Race Championship will be held at the Red Cliffs Lodge.

Moab's Folk Festival can be found at the Center Street Ball Park, the Red Devil Auditorium and Moab's Historic Star Hall. Let's take a breath. Yes, this autumn for site inspection of Moab would be worth ones while. Food and Beverage services about town doing the thing they do best, inside or outside on some pretty special patios around Moab. Accommodations, keeping guests snug as a bug in a rug, throughout the commotion of a fun filled autumn time in Moab.

For assistance with site inspections, contact Moab Utah Meetings and Events, 435-259-1340

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