Monday, December 3, 2012

Disney? Boundary Waters? Green River Canoe Camping?

A quick calculation of a five day vacation itinerary Canoe Camping reveals a canoe camping trip is a good deal, especially for budget-minded vacationers. Disney World ($560 per person) compares to Green River ($264 per person) canoeing and Boundary Water ($340 per person) canoeing. (Camping trip prices include pre and post trip accommodations, fully outfitted rentals, shuttles and required permits.) The environment of canoe camping is going to be intimate compared to a Disney vacation.

Canoe Camping, is it car camping or backpacking? A river canoe trip is similar to car camping. Canoe camping requiring portages needs to pack lighter, similar to backpacking. So let's examine river canoe trips compared to lake canoeing.

Boundary Water permits can be reserved starting in early January of the travel year. Green River Canoe Camping trips can be reserved earlier, starting the second week of July for the following travel year. There is no portaging in Utah’s Green River corridor. Typical Boundary Water Canoe trips are 5-7 days. Routing is a big responsibility. Upon the Green River paddle 4-10 days downstream with the current.

The longer Green River itinerary requires a jet boat shuttle from a road-less region of Canyonlands National Park. Rendezvous there with one of two authorized companies to roof rack the canoe, stow gear in the jet boat and up-run the Colorado River to Moab Utah to conclude this quality expedition canoe camping trip. Reservations will be required to determine the date for pick up by jet boat.

In the Boundary Waters, a Forest Service permit limits group to nine people or fewer to a private permit. Group size on the Green River may not exceed 40 adventurers on a private trip. Boundary Water permits cost $16 per adult and $8 per youth 17 and younger. For the Green River, fill out a free permit with the Bureau of Land Management for the Labyrinth Canyon section. For trips concluding in the heart of Canyonlands National Park, pay $30 reservation fee, plus $20 per person on the river permit. This permit fee system has been revised as of July 9, 2012.

Both trips specify archaeological, historical and rock painting sites are to be left undisturbed. Campsites are to be kept free of litter. It is mandated: do not build structures, cut live wood, carve in wood or write on rocks. Both places can expect to have astonishing afternoon winds. Both canoe camping trips can have mosquitoes, although the Green River has more predictable seasons of the pests. The Boundary Water mosquitoes are incessant. Both trips can experience rain. Rain in the Boundary Waters can be daunting, seemingly endless and causing mildew. Rain in the desert can also wreak havoc for the unprepared. Watch for flashfloods in the desert. Take advantage of the arid environment to dry everything out. In the boundary waters single serve beverage containers are prohibited. For the Green River, glass must be left behind, cans are acceptable and to be packed out as trash.

Now apply imagination. Be removed from the stimulation of video, long lines, mechanization, and staged entertainment of other vacation choices. Interact with earth and one another. Manifest memories spotting wildlife rather than hurrying to meet a character from someone else’s imagination. Determine the kind of camping that is suitable, car camping versus backpacking, and retro fit it into a canoe camping trip.

Continued details for Green River outfitters can be found on www.DiscoverMoab .com.
For Boundary Water details should help.

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