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Moab Nature Photography, Landscapes and Night Photography Workshops 2014

Red Rock Photography of National Parks Workshops for 2015

All year photographers put on workshops highlighting various aspects for students to learn. Among the lessons are techniques of landscape, sunrise, sunset and night shoots. Winter is no stranger to tripods and cameras. Winter is nearly sleep friendly because of the winter hours of sunrise and sunset. There is something quixotic to huddling in the cold winter months anticipating that ethereal light soaking the Red Rock landscapes of Moab, Arches, Canyonlands, Dead Horse Point.

Well below, is last year's line up of 2014 Photographers and links to the workshops offered in Moab over the year previous to 2015.

Of course, local experts like Jon Fuller, Eric Odenthal, Mike Coronella, Lee Bridgers, and Bret Edge are available throughout the year in Moab for photo tours. Find them among other Moab tour providers on

Moab Photo Tours LLC
Winter in the Red Rocks Photography Tour
Photographer: Tom Till and Jon Fuller
January 11 – 17 2015

Raomin’ with Roman
Arches/Canyonlands/Monument Valley
Photographer: Roman Kurywczak
January 14 – 25 2015

Jennifer King Photography Workshops
Arches and Canyonlands: A Land of Wonder
Photographer: Jennifer King
February 12-15 2015

Scenic Aperture
Arches and Canyonlands Photography Workshop
Photographer: Frank Comisar
February 15-20 2015

Travel Images Photography Tours
Red Rock Country Winter
Photographer: John Baker
February 18-27 2015

Light Capture Photography
Winter Canyonlands – Arches
Photographer: David Forster
February 27 – March 1 2015

Southwest Photography Tour
Photographer: David Kingham
March 14-28 2015

Jack Graham Photography
Arches & Canyonlands National Parks with Jack Graham & Bill Fortney
Photographer: Jack Graham & Bill Fortney
March 26 – 29 2015

Road Scholar (Elderhostel)
Advanced nature Photography in Arches and Canyonlands National Parks
April 6 – 11 2015

Green Mountain Photographic Workshops
Arches and Canyonlands National Park Workshop
Photographer: Kurt Budliger, Joseph Rossbach or George Stocking
April 12- 16 2015

American Nature Photography Workshops
Arches and Canyonlands Workshop
Photographer: Tom Bol
April 15-19 2015

Moab Photo Symposium
Photographers: Steve Traudt, Colleen Miniuk-Sperry, Guy Tal & Bruce Hucko
April 30 – May 3 2015

Moab Photography Workshop: Shoot, Edit, Create
May 1-3 2015

TimeLapse Moab 2015
Intimate 5 Night Advanced Dark Sky Timelapse Workshop
Photographer: Ron Risman
May 13-17 2015

Arches Night Photography Workshop
Photographer: David Kingham
May 14-17 2015

Landscape Images from Beyond the Lens
Spring in Arches and Canyonlands / 5 Day Workshop
Photographer: Robert Rodriguez Jr.
May 17 – 21 2015

Colorado Captures
Arches & Canyonlands May 2015
Photographer: Mike Berenson and Darren White
May 22 – 25 2015

James Brandon Photography
Moab – Arches & Canyonlands
June 2015

Road Scholar (Elderhostel)
Advanced nature Photography in Arches and Canyonlands National Parks
October 11 - 16 2015

Photographer: Dan Ballard
October 15-18 2015

Rocky Mountain Reflections
Arches & Canyonlands National Park
Photographer: Andy Cook
November 1- 6 2015

Road Scholar (Elderhostel)
Advanced nature Photography in Arches and Canyonlands National Parks
November 1-6 2015

Arches Under A New Moon

 That concludes the update of Photography Tours for 2015, for anyone who landed here about 2014.

2014 Photography Tours and Workshops occur all year long in Moab Utah.
Locally, Moab’s businesses are amply content to show the great subject matter the canyons, wildlife and parks provide to the patient photographer. Leadership about the optimal time of day in regards to lighting for specific features insures a head start in planning. Simply phone up or email the companies for greater details.

  • Moab Photo Tours provides year round custom guided photography tours and workshops at the following locations around Moab Utah.

Arches National Park
Canyonlands National Park
Dead Horse Point State Park
Canyon Rims
Colorado River Corridor
Green River
Castle Rock and Castle Valley
Fisher Towers
San Rafael Swell
Book Cliffs
Trail of the Ancients
Ghost Towns
Ancient Native American Rock art and Ruins
Dinosaur Tracks and Bones

Specialty Workshops are held throughout 2014 by visiting professional photographers. Come to join like-minded folk in capturing the fantastic landscapes of Arches or Canyonlands National Parks and other notable Moab locations.

January 12-18 2014
Tom Till and Jon Fuller

January 18-23 2014
Joseph Rossbach

January 23 – February 2 2014
Roman Kurywczak

Creating Great Photos Arches NP and Canyonlands NP, Moab, Utah
January 30 – February 3 2014
Dave Hammaker

February 19 – 28 2014
John Baker

February 28 – March 3 2014
Dave Forster

March 20-23 2014
Jeff Clow

March 26-30 2014
Bill Fortney, Jim Begley, Bill Pekala, Snake Barrett

April 1-5 2014
Brad Goldpaint

April 5-7 2014
Stephen W. Oachs

April 6-10 2014
George Stocking & Kurt Budliger

April 6-11 2014
Robert Winslow

April 11-13 2014
Efrain Cruz

April 24-27 2014
Richard Bernabe

April 27-30 2014
Guy Tal and Bruce Hucko

April 30 – May 4 2014
Tom Bol

May 2-4 2014
Bob Maynard

May 2 – 5 2014
Collection of Professional Photographers to learn from: Jeff Foott, Steve Traudt, Brooks Jensen, Lorran Meares, Colleen Miniuk-Sperry, Dan Ballard, Judith Zimmerman, Bruce Hucko and Guy Tal.
Held at the Moab Arts and Recreation Center

May 4 – 11 2014
Jon Fuller

May 18 – 22 2014
Robert Rodriguez Jr

May 23 – 26 2014
Mike Berenson and Darren White

May 23-26 2014
David Kingham

June and tentative September
Cheyenne Rouse

July 6-8 2014
NEW offering by Bob Maynard

August 17 – 20 2014
Mike Berenson

September 23-27 2014
Salvatore Vasapolli

October 4-6 2014
Bob Maynard

October 4-8 2014
Don Smith

Autumn in Canyon Country
October 9-12 2014
Bret Edge

October 12-17-2014
Robert Winslow

October 16-19 2014
Dan Ballard

October 27-31 2014   
Frank Comisar

November 1-5 2014
Peter Shinyeda

November 2-7 2014
Andy Cook

November 9-15 2014
Tom Till & Jon Fuller
November 12 2014

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