Monday, August 4, 2014

Dystrophaeus Project - Find out More about this Dinosaur

The Dystrophaeus Project is a dig that was started August of 1859 by John Strong Newberry. A cast of the fossil found back then, can be seen at the Museum of Moab. The Museum of Moab is located at 118 E Center Street, Moab. Six scientists round out the workforce lead by the Museum of Moab's director, John Foster.    

Classification by Edward Drinker Cope of the Dystrophaeus was made in 1877 and has gone through revisions over the decades and is an interesting history to read.

If in Moab during the last Wednesday of any month, try to stop by the Utah Friends of Paleontology's Moab, Gastonia Chapter's, monthly meeting. Usually there is a lecturer providing insights on current studies in the region.

Moab Giants is being built at the corner of Hwy 191 and State Road 313. It will contain life size dinosaur statues and have buildings for education about dinosaurs. Well, read about it at Moab Sun News.

Here are three remarkable dinosaur sites to explore in the Moab area.

Please remember to take only picture, leave only foot prints.
It is unlawful to scratch, gouge stone surfaces, signs and historic sites here in and near Moab.

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