Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Cimbing, Canyoneering, Bouldering Webpage added by Moab Travel Council for Visitors

Tour Moab by Rope! 

The surrounding lands of Moab are comprised of fissures and cliffs. By vehicle the sightseeing is unparalleled. By rope the adventure goes perpendicular.

For those who will embrace heights, hike with a backpack of rope and climbing harness, repelling into Moab‘s crevasses is alluring. Get up close and inside earth by canyoneering. Others will shoulder a rack of cams, nuts and carabiners, along with rope, to defy gravity and go cragging. Great climbing routes and summits abound around Moab. The cordless crew will give Moab’s bouldering a whirl, lining the ground with crash pads. Bring your own or purchase or rent bouldering pads in Moab.

There are guide books for sale, including the newest, ‘Moab Climbs: High on Moab’ at Moab GearHeads, Pagan Mountaineering and Back of Beyond Books locally. However, the real news, Moab Area Travel Council, introduces climbing, canyoneering and bouldering to visitors through a NEW webpage on DiscoverMoab.com. Visitors with a passion to experience the desert and canyons by rope, may well be advised to hire one of the several excellent Climbing/Canyoneering guide companies to get started. Other individuals, having the skill to DIY (do-it-yourself), may need area information to get started considering a journey to Moab to include ropes.

Do not delay, tune into http://www.discovermoab.com/climbing_moab.htm. Moab Area Travel Council also available by telephone Monday – Friday using 435-259-8825 or writing info2@discovermoab.com .

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